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Monday, 25 April 2011



Save Nigeria Group UK wishes to commend all Nigerians in particular the National Youth Service Corpers who did their duties and went and voted, counted, reported incidents, monitored and delivered one of Nigeria’s most credible elections of recent years. Whilst we recognise that the outcome of the Presidential election broadly reflects the wishes of the Nigerian people the irregular voting patterns in certain states where over 90% of the vote went to one candidate, as well as the prevalence of underage voters for a certain candidate in other states indicates that there are lessons to be learnt and appropriate actions taken to prevent this from happening again and make all future exercises a vast improvement upon this one.

We cannot however reflect upon this election without mentioning the completely unwarranted and heinous attacks upon innocent Nigerians merely on the basis of party affiliation, region, tribe or religion. This is a tragedy that stains our nation’s honour and endeavours. It is a pity that political leaders who hastened to condemn the conduct of the elections did not show the same level of haste to condemn the resultant violence. We are grateful it did not lead to a tit for tat vendetta in other parts of the country.

However it is the duty of the government to safeguard the citizens of this country and too often it has failed in this duty at the local, state and national level. The continuous nature of these ethnic crisis are due to the lack of vision, lack of probity and lack of justice exhibited by Nigerian leaders at all levels.
Not a single enquiry report from previous outrages has been published and acted upon, not a single ringleader or sponsor arrested or prosecuted.
It is thus ironic that these easily manipulated mobs have begun targeting the very elites that have ignored and misused them, maybe this time justice will be evident where before it was lacking.

It is imperative that all Nigerians stay focussed on the taking back our country from the criminals and looters of all parties, tribes and religions who have led us into this quagmire. When you got to the polls on Tuesday vote for individuals of good conscience and track records. Currently in the UK James Ibori a former governor will stand trial in London a mere 2 days after the people of his state vote for a governor on charges of stealing over £37 million whilst from Wikileaks we know he admitted to having over $3.4 billion.
Let our brothers in the North not forget Alhaji Yerima who other than introducing Sharia law had no impact on the daily life of the citizens of Zamfara state yet apparently has $100,000 to pay the dowry of a 14 year old foreign girl to be his wife.
Let our friends in Niger Delta not forget that the same Diepreye Alamieyeseigha who has metamorphed as the Presidents campaign advisor left them lingering in polluted, blighted lands while he stole from them to buy mansions at home and abroad
The point of these examples is to ask you to please vote with your conscience, take whatever bribe they offer you but vote for someone who will work hard for your benefit.

Look at the incumbents and see what they have done for you? Is it an International airport when there are no roads? Is it a stadium when there are no houses? Is it a conference centre or hotel when there are no hospitals?

We of SNG UK call upon the government of the President Good luck Jonathon to have the courage to break with the past and undertake the following
• Release the results of all previous boards of enquiry into ethnic and religious violence in Nigeria and act immediately on their recommendations
• Prosecute publicly and with immediate effect all those arrested for these crimes
• Identify and prosecute all the sponsors of these crimes
• Arrest and prosecute the Nigerian military and police officers responsible for extra judicial killings in Bauchi, the Niger Delta, Jos and other places with immediate effect
• Cooperate fully with all election petitions including those relating to campaign funding

And finally we enjoin all Nigerians to Analyse, Select and then Vote, do not let the labours of these fallen heroes to have been in vain.

Nigeria expects every person to do their duty

We give thanks for the lives of all the Youth Corpers who died for their country and pray their souls rest in perfect peace.