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The contributions to thiscome from various sources some anonymous some not. We are the nobody's of Nigeria, over educated and over ambitious who found out that the idyllic Nigerian dream of our childhood had been sold by our fathers and elders for a shiny imported car and when we had stood up and left our childish things behind we found a country with no electricity, no airlines, no water, no fuel, no securoity, no jobs and no shame or honour.
Everything about Nigeria has become synonymous with shame, 419, corruption, tribal and religious violence, environmental degradation, corruption, unemployment, kidnapping, robbery, ritual killings....
Need I go on?
Our biggest export other than oil appears to be 419, prostitutes and drug dealers.
But some of us took a look at one another and failed to see any of these stereotypes within ourselves. We are all hard working honest individuals, working hard in which ever part of the world we are. We are all intelligent and capable, when we debate each other the arguments are nuanced and intelligent, when we work or study we are top of our peer groups, yet the sole voice of Nigeria and Nigerians were the illiterate thieves who have stolen our country.
So now we say enough is enough. We are not going to wait for the old guard to sort themselves out we will do it for them
They love money so much that they will see their countrymen die in poverty so we will repay them in their own coin.
They love to fly abroad for ‘’catarrh’’ while Nigerians die of malaria for want of prophylaxis, so we will close all borders to them
We are no respecters of titles or borders, we will confront these individuals and their helpers where ever they are on the planet

Osyman Dias